About the Fair

About the Fair

The Accessibility Fair & Awareness Summit, which is the first and unique in Türkiye and the 6th largest in the world, will open its doors in Istanbul for the 14th time.

Hosted by the Ministry of Family and Social Services of the Republic of Türkiye with the organization of Istanbul Expo and the support of TOBB and KOSGEB. This event will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between November 30th and December 3rd 2023.

Bringing together national and international policymakers, buyers, producers, and product developers, this event aims to be a groundbreaking organization with the participation of leading companies.

At the Accessibility Fair and Awareness Summit, our goal is to minimize the barriers to access to healthcare, rehabilitation, and professional care for people with disabilities, the elderly, and those in need of care, and to ensure their integration into all aspects of social life and improve their living standards.

180+Exhibitor Company
300+Brand Participation
64Visitor Country