Why Participate

You are kindly invited to EYAF EXPO, one of the most important platforms in the region where industry leaders meet. This event offers a unique opportunity for everyone to come together, establish strong connections, share ideas, and shape the future of the sector.


EYAF EXPO is nationally and internationally active platform, bringing together public and private sectors, manufacturers, disabled individuals, and NGOs in a unique and extensive environment with more than 60.000 domestic and foreign visitors, 250 participants, and the exhibiton area of 12.5000 square meters. EYAF EXPO enables participants to establish a dynamic and comprehensive business network and provides companies with the opportunity to emerge in the international market.


Companies participating in the Accessibility Fair & Awareness Summit to be held between November 30th and December 3rd 2023, will have the opportunity to closely follow sectoral developments in Türkiye and worldwide, increase their trade volumes, and expand their target audience. In addition, they will take the unique opportunity to easily reach their target audiences.


With an innovative approach, participating leader companies will present their products and services to the right audience by establishing connections both domestically and internationally and add solid and visionary business networks to their commercial experiences and brand values.

You can take your place and experience this unique event firsthand by participating in the Accessibility Fair & Awareness Summit, where leading national and international companies and public institutions come together.

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