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EYAFEXPO, which will take place on an international scale; especially disabled people, educational institutions, health sector, rehabilitation and elderly care centers, sector representatives, foundations and NGOs; It is opening its doors to its visitors for the 12th time in order to inform about rehabilitation, integration, prevention, care, special education and many more, and to facilitate access to these services. Visitors to EYAF EXPO will have the opportunity to closely examine and test orthopedic materials, communication technologies, movement and walking equipment, last products on disability-free life, and many more products and services that can facilitate an inclusive life.

EYAF EXPO, which brings together the technologies and services with demand; creates a new generation experience space for every parties.

In the social atmosphere created by EYAFEXPO, the latest technological developments and services will directly meet the disabled and elderly individuarls with the interaction network that the participants will create thanks to the commercial experience they will add to their brand values.

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  • Disabled and the people who needs special treatments and aids
  • Families, nurses, doctors
  • Physiotherapy specialists, psychologists
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Medical institutions
  • Elderly Care Centers
  • Social organizations, foundations, NGOs
  • Architecture and real estate companies
  • Research and academic institutions, colleges and universities
  • Companies & Operations
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