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Turkey's first disabled and elderly needs fair opens its doors in its new location with its renewed strong structure, more topics and participants.

EYAFEXPO, the only one in its field and the 6th largest fair of the world, which will take place for the 12th time, will be held between 01-04 December at Istanbul Expo Center continues to lead the way with the participation of leading companies and the meeting of game-changing visitors at the Istanbul Expo Center.

EYAFEXPO-Trade Fair for Rehabilitation, Integration, Prevention and Care 2022, aims to be an international platform where commercial solutions and connections will be developed and new technologies will be shared, in order to minimize the obstacles for individuals with disabilities and care needs. Also EYAFEXPO aims to help their access to health, medical, rehabilitation and professional care and to contribute to their integration into all areas of social life.

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Istanbul, the intercontinental bridge of trade routes and the capital of investment, is an active market that creates a new generation brand value and has the power to change the pulse of the international sector.

You are also invited to EYAF EXPO, where those who shape the industry and those who follow their ideals meet in Istanbul, which is the center of the ever-growing markets of the Middle East, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa, and the meeting point of both Turkey and the region. .

With the studies to be carried out in line with the determined targets;

  • It will be ensured that the disabled and their relatives are informed about innovations and developments.
  • Local governments will be supported with regard to their architectural works, urban arrangements and activities for the disabled.
  • New initiatives will be opened in the public and private sphere
  • Support will be provided to the development and dissemination of social responsibility awareness by strengthening the interaction among non-governmental organizations.

EYAF EXPO 2018 Statistics

  • 6000 Square Meters Area
  • 83 Local Exhibitors
  • 11 Foreign Participants
  • 171 Companies
  • 19 Countries
  • 12,500 Visitors