Why You Should Participate

EYAF EXPO, which has carried out works on a national and international scale with more than 20,000 national and international visitors, more than 120 exhibitors, and a 10,000 m2 fair area; It brings together the public and private sectors, manufacturers, suppliers, disabled individuals and NGOs on a unique platform with a wide range of influence EYAF EXPO enables the participants to establish deep-rooted connections with a dynamic and wide business network and to take place in the international market for the participating companies


Companies that will participate in the Accessibility Fair and Awareness Summit 2022, which will take place on December 01-04, will be able to follow the sectoral developments in Turkey and in the world, as well as expand their target audiences by increasing their trade volumes and experience the unique experience of reaching the audience easily.

Participating companies that will lead the way and come together with an innovative perspective; By establishing domestic and international connections, they will present their products and services to the right audience on a common ground and will add deep-rooted and visionary business networks to their commercial knowledge and brand values.


Take your place at the Accessibility Fair and Awareness Summit 2022, where national and international leading companies and public institutions will come together.


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